Vitabalans LACTO SEVEN Kids chewable tablets, 50 pcs

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Expiration date: 2024-10-30
Chewable tablets containing xylitol-lactic acid bacteria.
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Food supplement!
Food supplement! A food supplement is not a substitute for a balanced healthy diet.

The intestinal bacterial microbiota of infants begins to develop after birth and continues to develop for two to three years. After about three years of age, the composition and diversity of bacteria is greater than in adults. The child receives bacteria from its mother that are beneficial to the child's environment and nutrition. Lactic acid bacteria are one of the first bacteria to colonize the infant's gut, so the intake of these bacteria in early childhood is recommended. Factors that change a child's microbiota are most often diet and antibiotic use. Repeated long-term use of antibiotics can alter the composition and overall diversity of the infant's microbiota.

Lacto Seven Kids contains seven different strains of natural lactic acid bacteria (i.e. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium) that are naturally resistant to stomach acid. When producing bacteria, they are protected by a special Bio-support ™ technology, made from a patented complex mixture of peptides and polysaccharides. This technology allows the bacteria to survive when they are absorbed through the gastric juices and reach the intestines. Gut bacteria adhere to the intestinal mucosal membranes, colonize and produce a wide range of protective functions in the gut and body.

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