PHARMACERIS A Puri-Sensilium cleansing foam, 150 ml

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Expiration date: 2026-04-30
Soothing foam for washing face and eyes.
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For everyday clensing of especially sensitive and allergic skin of the face and skin around the eyes. A gentle and pleasant product that effectively removes dirt and make-up. D-Panthenol and Glucam® restore the required moisture level in the skin and also prevent dry and tight skin feeling. The innovative Immuno-prebiotic formula reduces skin irritation and sensitivity. Does not contain parabens, allergens, fragrances, soap, SLS, SLES. Suitable for skin care at any age. Replaces traditional soap. There are no special indications for taking precautions Dermocosmetics for various skin problems. The Pharmaceris brand offers dermocosmetics products that are designed to solve various common skin problems. The brand's products are created by a team of experts who complement dermatological solutions with innovative ingredients, thus obtaining a formula for difficult-to-solve skin problems.

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